Module 4: Introduction

Today’s visitors find a city of old and new sat side by side, with stories on every corner, in the waterways, the mix of architecture, in public spaces and in smaller, specialist venues and diverse communities. Meandering off the beaten track can be hugely rewarding for visitors looking to get under Manchester’s cultural skin. Smaller, intimate venues drill deep into Manchester’s cultural DNA and although they may take on more significance from time to time according to the wider seasons, festivals and city-wide events, they are also always there, universally relevant, drawing as they do on the key features that make Manchester what it is. Many more thematic itineraries and ideas can be found on or with the City Guides who offer a up a range of tours from standard discovery to detailed exploration of themes and stories, but for now, let’s start here with some of the most popular and universal – and prepare to share the stories and places that might be harder to find, but make us truly memorable.

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