Welcome to Culture Hosts Manchester Training

Manchester is a modern city that is welcoming and energetic, with stunning architecture, fascinating history and heritage, dynamic cultural venues, lively nightlife and a spectacular events programme. Whatever their initial reason for visiting, time spent getting beneath the skin of Manchester exploring its cultural scene is rewarding and enjoyable for all visitors if they know where to go and what to look for. So let’s begin.

Module 1: The beating cultural heart of Britain

We know you know Manchester pretty well but how familiar are you with its core cultural offer? Did you know that we have the largest theatre scene outside London and some of the best art collections and exhibitions in the UK? Here we take a look at its main institutions, companies and venues – the places where there is always something good to see.

Module 2: We Do Things Differently Here

Being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the original modern city has had a lasting impact on Manchester. The spirit of invention, radical-thought, creativity, enterprise and collaboration lives on today, and it is this that makes a visit to Manchester culturally distinctive and very different to other regional cities. It’s not what we do but how we do it that really counts.

Module 3: Neighbourhood & cultural itineraries

One of the great things about Manchester is that it is compact, making it perfect for strolling around just taking in the sights and sounds. Each neighbourhood has a different look, vibe and feel – here’s why – and some ways to get under the skin of the city’s many cultural hubs, corridors and quarters.

Module 4: Paths less travelled

Today’s visitors find a city of old and new sat side by side, with stories on every corner, in the waterways, the mix of architecture, in public spaces and in smaller, specialist venues and diverse communities.

Module 5: A gateway to the region

Finally, how to keep your finger on the pulse with the latest cultural news and programmes, to suggesting cultural day-trips to nearby towns and cities will complete your Culture Host training.