Workshop/ Telling Stories With Sound: The art of audio narrative

19th January 20
2:00pm — 2:00pm

Audio productions can be a very powerful way to tell a story; from taut drama to experimental documentaries, they are a great way for writers to flex their creative muscles and to immerse audiences in powerful sonic experiences. But to be at its best, you need to write with sound in mind, so where do you start?
If you have a great story to tell and think it could work effectively as an audio piece, join the award-winning producers and sound designers from Naked Productions to explore what you need to take into consideration when developing an audio piece. From plotting and story structure with sound in mind, to creating immersive sonic worlds, this workshop will set you on the right path to tell effective stories for audio.
This workshop will cover topics such as:

Story structure for sound
Building plots and characters when there’s no screen
Creating immersive sound worlds
Studio vs location audio recording
Perception of audio/psychoacoustics relevant to audio storytelling.


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