SWET Station

22nd January 20
12:00pm — 6:00pm

Are you a sweaty-goddess? Do you work ‘real-hard’? What does labour ( including the baby-making kind!) look like to you? Artists Ali Wilson and Amy Lawrence want to get up close and sweaty with you, no exercise needed!
SWET is a day of conversation with artists Ali Wilson and Amy Lawrence to support the development of their new performance work SWET. They would like to invite people of all age who identify as women, non-binary and people who have experienced being socialised as a woman in their everyday life; for a short 13 minute conversation.
This will be an open and informal space for conversation at your pace. You can expect delicious biscuits, something hot and frothy and some juicy conversation, of which you can opt out at any time.
Conversations will be anonymously recorded and used for the development of SWET. Please let the artists know on the day if you would not like to be recorded.
SWET is a Made at HOME commission that will be realised in June 2020.

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