Rainbow Noir: Here

Rainbow Noir Portraits by Tom Quaye 
Now — 14th October 19
Rainbow Noir is a volunteer led group celebrating, platforming and connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people of colour based in and around Manchester. “Founded in 2013, we provide social space, peer support and community action for us and by us. Over the last six and a half years the group has developed and grown in many ways, but the aims of providing a warm, welcoming space for LGBTQI people of colour to meet, connect, find themselves and one another, has continued to run through the veins of what we do. Finding your people – people who see you, who get you, who reflect you – is integral to survive and thrive. Mainstream visibility of our communities is increasing, but still often sparse. For too long LGBTQI people of colour have been erased, pushed out and silenced. We challenge this narrative, and at our core Rainbow Noir exists to say; “We are black. We are brown. We are queer. We are here. We have always been here and we will always be here.” Th...
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