Cinema Exhibition

Poulsen Arc Dream Radio

Poulsen Arc Dream Radio © Storyhouse
Now — 15th May 20
5:00pm — 11:00pm

Sven Werner's new work for Storyhouse, Poulsen Arc Dream Radio is an immersive installation that will see a five square foot booth installed on Storyhouse’s ‘Juliet Balcony’ located in the art deco foyer. The booth’s exterior will appear as a mysterious well-travelled, mobile weather station or radio booth. Designed to be experienced by visitors one person at a time, stepping inside they will enter a carefully designed memorised space; an artistic reflection of a room far away, where an individual started the journey that eventually brought him or her to Chester. Werner spent several weeks collecting meaningful memories in conversation with people who made Chester their home but are not originally from the city. Sitting within the intimate protective space of the booth, visitors will listen to stories, inspired by those memories. The installation will be re-written and interwoven with artist Graeme Miller’s highly atmospheric soundscapes.

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