Nina at the NIA

25th January 20
8:00pm — 8:00pm

In 1991 the iconic songstress Nina Simone stepped foot in to the NIA Centre, Hulme, to perform a gig that would embed itself in the rich cultural history of Manchester. A global forerunner in the advancement of civil rights, Nina Simone sang song after song that reflected on the racial inequalities present across the world, in a venue at the heart of a community so advanced in the UK at actively tackling this social injustice.
Members of the Untold Orchestra, following the sell-out show NINA: An Orchestral Rendition, take to the stage with some of the founding members of the NIA Centre for an evening of music and storytelling, interspersed with clips of Nina Simone’s iconic performance 29 years ago, giving you a chance to revisit that era of Hulme’s special history.

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