HarmonieBand presents: Berlin Symphony of a Great City + live musical accompaniment

22nd September 19
1:30pm — 1:30pm
Influenced by Eisenstein and Vertov’s montage technique, Ruttmann’s Berlin is a love letter to the German capital as a ‘day in the life’ from dawn until midnight. Captured at a time when the nation was still reeling from the effects of WW1, Berlin is an important silent era documentary that would go on to influence the British documentary styles of the 1930s and 40s. Musicians: Geeta Nazareth – Viola Dai Pritchard – Clarinet/Saxophone Paul Robinson – Keyboards/Accordion/Dulcimer New Score by Paul Robinson by kind permission of the Ruttmann estate and performed by HarmonieBand. The project is to celebrate the 30th year since the unification of Germany. HarmonieBand has appeared at many UK film festivals and art centres.  The ensemble has also travelled widely in Europe and including visits to the Dresden Musikfestpiele, the Giornate Del Cinema Muto in Italy and three tours of the Brabant, the last of which featured Paul Robinson’s score to Cocteau’s Le Sang d’un Poète. They perform regu...
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