Do You Really Want to be a photographer? Commissions and commercial photography

Unique Photographer, flickr photo by @muha
Now — 4th June 20

A full day workshop covering all essential information people starting to trade as professional photographers need to know.
This event is aimed primarily at those intending to work in editorial, commercial and general commissioned and stock photography. Starting with an overview of the market and career choices, it then covers business set-up, finance and cash flow; marketing including websites and portfolios; all the essential steps in commissions – negotiation, fees, paperwork, copyright; recent developments in stock photography and photo libraries; and questions around the law such as contracts, consent and access.
Presented by Redeye’s director Paul Herrmann with additional guest speakers, the advertising photographers Shaw & Shaw and business advisers Nancy Dykins and Michele Bentham from The Launchpad.
Photographers aiming at working in the arts and documentary photography, primarily on self generated projects, will be able to get a wealth of information from the May edition of “...

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