BFI Musicals! The greatest show on screen

Now — 14th January 20

Singing and dancing its way into HOME this Christmas, this diverse and eclectic range of films celebrates the joyful, emotional but most importantly the shared experience of watching film musicals on the BIG screen.
From Gene Kelly’s famously twirling umbrella to a Sing-a-Long Calamity Jane, it’s a festive treat for cinephiles.
As well as looking at the musical genre as a way of reflecting the struggle of working class lives during the U.S. economic depression of the 1930s, our season continues our Celebrating Women in Global Cinema year-long project by looking at the work of Betty Comden, including a screening of the much-loved Singin’ in the Rain. No doubt Manchester will provide the appropriate weather.
We reference our increasingly influential Not Just Bollywood initiative with a showing of Pakeezah, one of the most extraordinary musical melodramas ever made. There are restorations and classics aplenty (our mask of solemnity slips with a sing-along version of Calamity Jane) and we...

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