Amang Mardokhy: Maybe Nothing

Now — 19th January 20
6:00pm — 10:00pm

Born in Kurdistan, Stockport artist Amang Mardokhy has a large body of work exploring the war from which he escaped. For this exhibition however he shares his collection of live performance paintings which he creates alongside musicians in a live collaborative energetic communion in front of an audience. In doing this he breaks that fourth wall of creativity and eliminates ego from the process. This enables a childlike space of creation, of trust, exchange and play in which everyone is welcome and everyone is on board.
In a world of information overload, language and words can become superfluous, especially if we all chose to share space, time and meaning. Exploring a different approach to a political arts practice, he says “Sometimes when you say nothing you say everything”. Collaborating together in a creative space is maybe the most political act of all.
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