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2019 Banner Display

2019 Banner Display © People's History Museum
People’s History Museum
Now — 5th January 20
10:00am — 5:00pm

The majority of banners on display at PHM change annually.

Visit 2019’s selection of historic and contemporary banners – some on public display for the first time, all specially conserved by the museum’s expert Conservation Team.

2019’s banner display has been carefully curated to reflect key moments of protest in Greater Manchester and across Britain, representing a mix of creatively disobedient ideas and actions along the road to democratic reform, from the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester in 1819 to today.

These are banners that have been a part of, and have witnessed, a range of different protest campaigns. Their diverse images, vivid colours and powerful words give life to campaigns in a unique way, with visitors able to explore the stories they reveal throughout the museum’s galleries.

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