The launch destination for a new way to publish cultural listings

Manchester is where CultureHosts started life. As part of our work with CTConsults, we spotted an opportunity to improve collaboration between cultural and tourism sectors. The people working in Manchester’s hotels had a challenge; they were already recommending local attractions to guests, but they needed an easy way to find accurate, up-to-date information about cultural events happening in Manchester. Newspaper clippings and browsing multiple websites wasn’t cutting it. 

Working with website builders OH Digital we created a platform to collate events information uploaded by leisure, culture and arts partners in Manchester.

What started as a small project collating what’s-on info for hotel concierges eventually grew. We saw that CultureHosts could feed multiple websites with different audiences, from tourist marketing through to local guides and beyond. This saves time and improves accuracy for publishers, all while keeping Google happy. 

Attractions have told us that they appreciate only having to share promotional information once (rather than with many publishers), and hotels use CultureHosts to plan ahead with marketing campaigns targeting bookings around culture events. Publishers like Visit Manchester, Creative Tourist, Oxford Road Corridor and Loads To Do enjoy a new, streamlined way of working. It’s a tried-and-tested formula we’re continuing to roll out with tourism and culture partners in other destinations across the UK.

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